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Fyers is the recent login into the crew. Though it is a newbie, it has evolved with a big number of clients they have a revolutionary trading platforms, Cutting-edge Tools, competitive brokerage structure. They have introduced a new concept called thematic investing which is a huge eye catcher

Brokerage Charges3.5
Platforms & Tools 4.5
Customer Service 3.0
  • Don't provide Commodity trading
  • No own DP Service
  • Initial deposit of Rs 10,000 is required while account opening

FYERS Overview

Focus Your Energy & Reform the Self (FYERS) is a revolutionary name in Discount Broking Space founded in 2015 by Tejas Khoday and team with the primary focus of enabling retail participants with the best trading platform in India. 

The broker is based in Bangalore and the member of NSE India and for demat, Fyers has partnership with IL&FS Securities Services Limited. With Fyers you can trade in Equity, F&O and Currency on NSE.

FYERS Brokerage Charges

The Brokerage rates of Fyers Securities are simple but not very cheap as compared to nearby discount brokers.

Equity Delivery

0.1% or Rs 20 Which ever is lower per Executed Order

 Equity Intraday

0.01% or Rs 20 Which ever is lower per Executed Order

 Equity Futures

0.01% or Rs 20 Which ever is lower per Executed Order

 Equity Options

Rs 20 Per Executed Order

 Currency Futures

0.01% or Rs 20 Which ever is lower per Executed Order

 Currency Options

Rs 20 Per Executed Order 


Fyers Securities charges max Rs 20/ executed order for all segments is equal to Zerodha (Rs 20),RKSV (Rs 20),Tradejini (Rs 20) but slightly expensive than SASOnline(Rs 9) & RK Global (Rs 9),Prostocks(Rs 9) & Trade Smart Online(15 Rs).

FYERS Other Charges

  • DP charges for delivery based equity selling charged only on sell side - Flat Rs.20 plus Depository Charges at actuals.
  • Digital Contract notes are sent via Email. Physical copies of contract notes can be ordered at additional charge of Rs 20/- per contract + Courier charges.
  • Instant payment gateway charges - Rs 10 per fund transfer.

Account Opening Charges - 

  • Trading Account Opening Charges (One Time): NIL
  • Demat account Opening Charges (One Time): NIL
  • Trading Annual maintenance charges (AMC): NIL
  • Demat Account Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC): Rs 400 Per Year

FYERS Platforms & Tools

FYERS has all the three modules of trading platform i.e Web based, Desktop based and Mobile based application which is frequently used for the trading in stock markets.

  • Desktop Terminal : Fyers One
  • Web-based : Fyers Web Trader
  • Mobile App : Fyers Market

Fyers One : Fyers One is a desktop trading application that can surpass paid professional softwares. Unlike other platforms like Amibroker, MT4, Spider, Falcon which cost money, FYERS ONE is free of cost and is only available for clients of FYERS.

Features like Stock screeners, heat maps, advanced charts, buy and sell signals, FII/DII data, RBI interest rates, world market data, Macro-Economic data, quarterly results and company announcements etc. are all provided real-time unlike no other trading platform in India.You can get historical charts of 5 years currently. It is one of the only trading platform in India that shows spot charts both historical and intraday.

Fyers Web Trader : Fyers Web Trader is a browser based lightweight trading application that allows you to trade online. If you cannot access FYERS ONE but want to trade from the office or a place with firewalls, then this is your best bet.
It is intentionally designed with minimal features to keep things easy and smooth for traders. Some of the basic fatures this applicatio provides include:

  • Options Strategies Calculator
  • Margin Calculators
  • SIP Calculators
  • Brokerage Calculators

Fyers Market : The in-house mobile trading app of FYERS is refreshingly new, loaded with a lot of features. The charts on this app are highly responsive and you can use your fingers to move them around very easily. Order execution is fast and stable without disconnections or delays (Screenshots attached). Track market action by following different indices, heat maps and charts. Get notifications on bulk & block deals too.

You can also get to know the corporate action of companies listed on the exchange. Fyers Markets also has Options calculator. Overall it is heavyweight in features but functions better than a lightweight.

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