About Us

InvestYogi is a comparison portal for all major stockbrokers operating across the country. In the world’s fastest-growing economy with people clamoring for quick-money, trading has become the most sought after means to better their financial fortunes. In such a scenario, it is necessary that one must possess all the relevant insights about scoring and not-so-scoring stocks operating at the exchanges to reap positive returns, which in turn gave way to the meteoric rise of stockbrokers in all parts of the country.

Stockbrokers, in exchange of an agreed brokerage, impart necessary understanding and insights about various stocks to their clients, including impending financial crises, and in-depth financial advises that could fetch them huge return. While zeroing down on a particular stockbroker could be an onerous task, InvestYogi offers a simplified approach to potential investors in finding the most fitting broker for themselves.

Our Mission

Our portal is an easily navigable and a side-by-side layout, lists all Traditional and Discount brokers alongside detailed information about their company origin, market standings (reviews) and charges applied by them, for people to compare and weigh out all choices, before appointing any broker. Not only does this offer sheer transparency (at no additional cost) on a single page about stockbroker operations to willing traders, but also spares them the harrowing task of skimming through multiple choices in order to find one.

Wish you Easy Selecting, and thereafter, Happy Trading.