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Anand Rathi is a leading financial services brand which was established in the year 1994. Anand Rathi is the co-founder of this brokerage firm, Pradeep Gupta and Amith Rathi, Supriya Rathi and Preethi Gupta are in the managing director’s position. Anand Rathi group offers Equities, currency, insurance, commodities, mutual funds, corporate deposits and bonds.

Brokerage Charges1.5
Platforms & Tools 4.5
Customer Service 4.5
  • Their brokerage structure is high when compared with other brokers.
  • They even charge extra for their premium products.
  • Customer service isn't good
  • Doesn't welcome the current trends

AnandRathi Overview

Anand Rathi group employs 2500 professionals all over the world in 1200 locations by own branches, sub-brokers, remisers etc. Citi group venture capital international holds a big share of stake in the company Anand Rathi group is a member of Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), National Stock Exchange (NSE), Multi-Commodity Exchange (MCX), National Commodity Exchange (NCDEX), United Stock Exchange (USE), Central Depository Services Ltd. (CDSL), National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) and ARN holder.

Anand Rathi is a full service broker with less brokerage charges competing with top online discount brokers.They have huge customer base which has spread its wings to other countries as well.

AnandRathi Brokerage Charges

Anand Rathi has only standard brokerage plan. The brokerage plan is very competitive along so many traditional brokers and banks. 



Equity intraday

0.05% -0.015%



Equity delivery

0.5% - 0.15%



Equity futures

0.05% - 0.015%



Equity options


Rs 20 to Rs 75

currency futures

0.05% - 0.015%

Currency options

Rs 20 to Rs 75

AnandRathi Other Charges

Account opening and closing charges will be zero  and even Annual maintenance charges will be Zero  for the first year.To make a great foot stamp at the brokerage industry Sector. They waived off  sign up price and made it is zero. So that they can have a great mileage in this competitive industry.


Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC)

Rs. 299/- + s. tax (2nd year Onwards)


Purchases through AR



Sales through AR

Rs. 12/- per Scrip (ISIN)


Sales not through AR/Off-Mkt Transfer

Minimum Rs. 20/- and Maximum Rs. 50/- or 0.50% of the market value whichever is lower


Custodial Charges



Demat Charges

Rs. 3/- per certificate + Rs. 20/- per request In case of bulk, above 100 certificate Rs. 5/- & Actual Courier Charge


Remat Charges

0.05% of value + plus Rs. 20/- postage


Pledge Creation/Closure

Rs. 25/- per transaction


Documentation Charges



Transaction Statement

FREE monthly

AnandRathi Platforms & Tools

Anand Rathi has web trading platform, desktop trading platform and also mobile applications but as per the sources they are not possibly good but also freezes at peak times in the market. But they have been working on it for good.

Anand Rathi Trade X'press+:

Trade X'press+ is an advanced online trading platform with aesthetic look and friendly user interface with personalized widget selection. Ease of navigation with simple to use options. The menu options are quite simple and easy to use.

The user can easily customize the dashboard and can analyze with the help of Market depth view and multiple Market Watch.

It also has advanced charting tools with detailed charts along with advanced review tools.

It also had another tool called heat map where you can get informed about the gainers and losers among the stocks held in the portfolio.

Anand Rathi Trade lite:

Trade lite is a web-based application which is simple and comprehensive, which allows you to apply an IPO, track markets and trade in equity, currency and commodity. It also provides access to research, transaction reports and online portfolio.

It also allows you to Stay connected to market with low internet bandwidth.Customize and add multiple market watch.Place your order through quick order entry and market watch

The other features:

  • Market watch with maximum 30 scrips per market watch
  • You can choose Exchange & scrip combination to place order.
  • Place order through Market Watch: Select scrip from market watch & place order.
  • Allows Access to after Market Orders.
  • Allows IPO investments.
  • You can also get quotes Gainer/losers, intraday chart
  • Research tips are given
  • You can set alerts through SMS and email is possible
  • Online portfolio and complete transaction reports 

Anand Rathi Trade mobi:

Trade mobi is a mobile trading app provided by Anand Rathi. It is available for Android and IOS.

  • It has a dashboard for Holistic view of market and you can check your portfolio performance.
  • You get historical present data to know the past and predict future performances you can trade with call to action buttons for you view quotes hearts and edition of scripts to watch list
  • User navigation is simplified and seamless for order placement
  • Trade mobi supports NSE cash, NSE future &options, BSE cash, NSE currency and MCX.

Anand RathTrade Xpro 

Trade Xpro is an exe based desktop software for active traders who transact frequently for faster trading experience with customized features.

It gives a trading terminal experience and can be downloaded to a desktop easily

You can customize market watch in the trading terminal to monitor the markets.

  • Technical analysis for both intraday and short term trading is possible with real time advanced charts.
  • You can back test your investment strategy b by analyzing in depth market history.
  • You can build your own options strategy with query functions based on your outlook on the market.
  • Contract information and option strategy is available to simplify derivatives trading.
  • Lock terminal option is available and be assured that your account isn't accessible to anyone but you.

Anand Rathi Trade Xpro+:

   Trade Xpro+is an every trade tools kit available in the market provided as an innovative solution from Anand Rathi securities that allows you to use their investment services, trading advice, news and trading tools you get this information in your trading platform itself which is delivered to you where it matters the most.

It has got the following packs for free:

Nest starter pack: It is a free package that offers you historical charts market monitoring market scanner and an alert tool it can shortlist stocks in real time.

Option strategy: A great tool for you to select the appropriate option strategy based on the market Outlook. It also provides advanced option trading strategies.

Sim trade: Simulated trading environment to test your strategies in cash and F&O.

Mutual Fund: We can get mutual fund data of every scheme across On all AMC's in the market

It also has a technical screener, fundamental data and portfolio management.

Plus trading plugins or plus API: It is an interface that allows you to trade based on the signal generated by Ami broker. The charting application will be integrated seamlessly by the nest trader application.

It attracts the following fees from the trader

Monthly: Rs 299

Quarterly: Rs 716

Semi-annual: RS 1313

Annual: Rs 2150



AnandRathi Education & Research

They have a great team that offers technical analysis reports trade call and put tips etc.

Anand rathi gives fundamental analysis report ideas on stocks to be chosen for long-term

Trading calls and reports for short-term buy technical analysis team they also offer in-depth study to give derivative strategies they also offer report displaying the economic results of the Nation.

Strong research which various options into institutional equity.

They offer Tips for forex market instruments.

AnandRathi Customer Service

They have a great customer service alike other traditional brokers.

They are at your disposal during the trading hours and the other customer services will be available 24 x 7. There are very less brokerage firms who offer full time customer service and anand rathi is one of them.

Anand rathi corporate office:

11th floor, time tower,

Kamala City, Senapati Bapat Marg,

Lower Parel Mumbai- 400013

Registered office:

4th floor, silver Metropolis,

Jay coach compound, opposite bimbisar Nagar, Goregaon(E)

Mumbai- 400063

1800 200 1002 (Toll free)
1800 121 1003 (Toll free)

AnandRathi Closing Thoughts

Even though they have a great reach all over the country in that instance some parts of the world their brokerage structure is high. They have many negative reviews all over the internet about the customer service of Anand Rathi. They have great featured products but it bigger prices than the competitors.For some of the key features and web application they ask for a yearly fee but the other brokers does offer the same features for free. The features are even better with other brokers and the customer don't need to pay a penny. 


It is better to opt for online discount brokers like Zerodha if you are a professional trader or if you are a novice trader it's better to go for any traditional broker like share Khan or Angel Broking company