4.5 Overall

Kotak securities are offering 3 in 1 accounts as they are a bank primarily. Kotak Mahindra group lineage belonging to 1985 it has spread its wings 2 brokerage and distribution businesses in the year 1995 it was headquartered in Mumbai for the year 2014 it was ranked as Number One in India institutional investor rankings their corporate number of Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange dot it is also a deposit apartment of national securities depository Limited(NSDL) and Central Depository services Limited(CDSL). It has a round 2250 crores of assets under management for the year 2010. It is also one of the best banks in the Indian sector.

Brokerage Charges3.5
Platforms & Tools 4.0
Customer Service 4.5
  • Commodity trading is a Hazzle
  • Hidden charges here and there
  • expensive brokerage plans
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Kotak Securities Overview

Kotak securities are a subsidiary of Kotak Bank. Kotak group is much familiar with its banking operations. Kotak securities have ranked as the best stock broker. Kotak security is headquartered in Mumbai and was established in the year 1994. Uday Raj Kotak is the founder of Kotak Mahindra group.

 Kotak securities offer share trading, derivatives trading, Mutual Funds, IPO, exchange-traded funds, currency derivatives, tax-free bonds, portfolio management, stock lending and borrowing, interest rate futures and such services.  It has around 1128 branches including franchises and satellite offices all over the country in about 352 cities.

Kotak Securities has a wide client base with about 3,21,496 active clients.

Kotak Securities Brokerage Charges

Brokerage structure:

They have a basic brokerage plan along two other brokerage plans which holds the  flexibility for heavy traders.

Trading Segment

Brokerage Charges

Equity Cash Delivery


Equity Cash Intraday


Equity Futures (Both Sides)


Equity Options

Rs 300 Per Lot

Minimum Brokerage

4 paise for delivery and 3 paise for Intraday and Futures orders










They also have a dynamic brokerage plan which brings down your brokerage charges which is a must-have brokerage plan for regular traders. This is more like variable brokerage plan the brokerage is minimized when the investment amount increases.

Trading Segment

Brokerage Charges

Equity Cash Delivery

0.59% to 0.30% (For trading amount of '< 1 lakh' to '> 50 lakhs')

Equity Cash Intraday

0.06% to 0.05% both sides (For trading amount of '< 25 lakhs' to '> 25 lakhs')

Equity Futures Intraday

0.07% to 0.05% both sides (For trading amount of '< 2 crores' to '> 2 crores')

Equity Futures Settlement

0.09% to 0.073% both sides (For trading amount of '< 2 crores' to '> 2 crores')

Equity Options Intraday

2.5% to 1.8% both sides (For premium of '< 4 lakhs' to '> 11 lakhs')

Equity Options Settlement

2.5% to 2.3% both sides (For premium of '< 4 lakhs' to '> 11 lakhs')

Options Minimum (Settlement)

Rs 300 to Rs 180 both sides (For premium of '< 4 lakhs' to '> 11 lakhs')

Currency Futures

0.04% or Rs 20 per lot, whichever is higher to 0.015% or Rs 7.5 per lot, whichever is higher (For monthly volume of '< 3 Cr' to '> 30 Cr')

Currency Options

Rs 20 per lot to Rs 7.5 per lot (For monthly volume of '< 3 Cr' to '> 30 Cr')


Kotak Securities Advance Brokerage Plan is a fee-based brokerage plan which you have to pay in advance that maximizes your profits and reduces the brokerage fees.






Advance Fees






( As applicable)

( As applicable)

( As applicable)

( As applicable)

Total Cheque Amount

Rs.5000 + ST

Rs.10,000 + ST

Rs.50,000 + ST

Rs.2,00,000 + ST


12 Months

12 Months

12 Months

12 Months







Cash Intra-Day'











Rs 225/- per lot

Rs 225/- per lot

Rs 150/- per lot

Rs 150/- per lot

Currency Futures (Each Leg)

0.024% or Rs. 12 per lot whichever is higher

0.020% or Rs. 10 per lot whichever is higher

0.016% or Rs. 8 per lot whichever is higher

0.016% or Rs. 8 per lot whichever is higher

Currency Options (Each Leg)






As many stock brokerage firms, Kotak securities offer different brokerage plans but still, Kotak securities stand as the expensive broker among the other brokers. Even though they are expensive, they are worth a try.


Kotak Securities Other Charges

Kotak securities are expensive in the case of account opening charges and maintenance charges as well.

For trading account opening charges they charge clients about 750 rupees but the maintenance charges will be 0.

For Demat account opening charges, the account opening charges will be 0. For account maintenance Rs 50 will be taken as charges for Resident Indians for NRI's the account maintenance charges will be Rs75.

Note: If there are no transactions and no Holdings in the account for the respective year the maintenance charges for the Demat account will be zero.

Demat fee structure will be like the same as the other brokers. You can check the details on the below table

Sr. No.

Account Head


Minimum Payable



Rs 50/- per request 
and Rs 3/- per certificate




Rs 10/- for 100 shares

Rs 15/-


Regular (Non- BSDA Account ) Market/off-market Transactions(Sell) 

BSDA Account Market/off-market Transactions(Sell)

0.04% of the value of securities(Plus NSDL Charges)

0.06% of the value of securities(Plus NSDL Charges)

Rs 27/-(Plus NSDL Changes)

Rs 44.50/-(Plus NSDL Charges)


Regular Account Maintenance Charges

RESIDENT- Rs 65 p.m for upto 10 debit transactions.
Rs 50 p.m. for 11 to 30 debit transactions.
Rs 35 p.m. for more than 30 debit transactions.
NRI-Rs 75 p.m.



Pledge Charges

0.05% of the value of securities

Rs 30/-


Invocation of Pledge

0.04% of the value of securities

Rs 30/-


Charge for Client Master change intimation

Rs 25


Kotak Securities Platforms & Tools

Kotak securities despite their brokerage charges they are referred by many because of the platforms and tools they offer.

They have about 5 different trading platforms and applications it provides a desktop trading terminal, a web trading terminal, mobile trading app and the respective light versions.

Web trading terminal -KEAT X PRO WEB

Desktop trading terminal-KEAT X PRO and Kotak securities XTRALITE (lite version)

Kotak securities FASTLANE application for live access to companies

Mobile trading application-  Kotak Securities stock trader.




Kotak securities website trading terminal KEAT X Pro web or Kotak Securities.com  :

This browser-based trading application where clients are allowed to trade directly within the website without the installation process for the software as this is a cloud-based trading solution.

It is every trade under one login type of application.

Key features:

  • You live time streaming quotes.
  • Single trading platform to trade in equity derivatives ¤cy derivatives.
  • Customizable  watch list with predefined indices and charts
  • Intraday and end of the day charts for all scrips
  • Advanced search option for scripts/contract.
  • Continuous updates to your portfolio.
  • Customizable user interface.
  • Real-time charting facility.
  • lightning fast trading experience.
  • Market research, real-time news, great security along with research tips and recommendations after the login.


KEAT X Pro is desktop trading software that allows you to make high-speed online trading and track the markets live as well as buy and sell signals are available readily. This is one of the industry's best trading software which allows you to trade at peak times of the market without any hazzle or lag.

It gives alike features what KEAT X pro is offering

  • Customizable screen layout and setting
  • It is up to date account information.
  • charting tools with a chart tracking past and future performance of favourite scripts is possible
  • Customized watch list.
  • Professional, classic and customized market watch is allowed
  • Equity, F&O and currency quote in a single market was the screen.
  • Lightening fast trade execution.
  • Fastest online fund transfer facility
  • Orders can be placed after the market hours.
  • You can invest in mutual funds and IPO's within small stations.


Xtralite: It is an extra light, a super fast trading website exclusively designed for trading with a slow internet connection. Though it doesn't have many features it will be comfortable to go with this software to execute your trades when there is slow internet connection with this software. you can trade in equity and derivative markets.

Kotak securities stock trader: Kotak Securities stock trader is built for Android and IOS mobiles. It is the next generation, seamless application to access your favourite scrips and trade them with customizable front face with accurate tips and recommendations.

Key features:

  • It is integrated with a great user interface with portfolio tracking live stream market updates and stock quotes.
  • Create customizable watch list.
  • You can check margin availability.
  • Transfer funds instantly.
  • Enjoy multilevel security.
  • Live streaming stock market data is available.
  • Track your portfolio in real time.
  • Custom authentication with user ID and 2 level password protection. Along with security key and website password.


If you have a slow or old computer or you might not have permission to install  .exe file at your office. Fastlane is the prime solution as it is a light and fast Java-based trading application. You can track live markets, make trades, create a watch list, and more without installing full pledged trading software.

  • Along with the flexibility discussed above these are the other features Fastlane can execute.
  • Check your open positions chit Fund availability you company reports and stock research recommendations and tips.
  • The fast lane is a great alternative with all the benefits of a full place trading platform.
  • You can bypass the Firewall on your system and access the market.

Kotak Securities Education & Research

They provide stock market education like no one in the industry. They call it Kotak securities knowledge Bank. The knowledge Bank module educates everyone who is interested in trading or investing in stock market. This is one of its kind education portals which can give you theoretical knowledge about the stock market the tips and strategies etc.

Research is what Kotak securities are known for. They have a great research team with highly accurate research tips and recommendations which can lead you to profits almost every time which makes them one of the top 10 stock brokers in India.


Kotak Securities Customer Service

Kotak Securities customer service is always at the rich with every medium possible. Here is the list of customer assistance through different ways.

They have three toll-free numbers

1800 209 9191 / 1800 222 299 / 1800 209 9292

Alternate Number: 3030 5757 you can call from 8.00 AM TO 6.00PM

Existing customers can mail them at service.securities@kotak.com

You can also get further assistance at their branches all over the country.

They have great customer support. The customer service executives are very much experienced, proficient and fluent and also can clear customer queries. They have customer support for up to 10 official languages of India.

Kotak Securities Closing Thoughts

Kotak securities are one of the best stock brokers with banking facilities as well they provide 3 in 1 accounts. So you don't need to worry about the fund transfers. They have the best platforms and tools in the industry. Apart from offering the Comforts for the clients they also the best research team who can give best tips and recommendations to the novice traders. They have a great educational portal with videos and theoretical data of stock market where everyone from layman to best man to know more about the stock market ocean.

But the only thing customers are concerned about their brokerage structure.

It is expensive in all terms from opening an account to AMC charges at every point you need money to unlock the potential of the broker. So this is a great broker to a new trader but for heavy volume traders and experienced traders will find Kotak securities as an expensive trader one can't afford.